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At Nutrified we strive to provide only the very best for our four legged friends. From our very own all-natural products to eco-friendly toys and products hand-picked for your pet’s well-being.

Vet Recommended

Nutrified has been trusted and recommended by veterinarians around the globe from the very start.
In 2023, we were honored by a panel of nutritional and veterinary experts who have awarded us the Zoology Diamonds and Zoology Diamonds for Nature Certifications, reflecting our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Pure Goodness by Nutrified®

At Nutrified, our ‘Pure Goodness’ line is designed with your pet’s health and well-being as the core focus. This range of all-natural supplements is carefully formulated to support the diverse needs of pets, especially those prone to allergies. We adhere to strict quality standards and sustainable practices, ensuring every product is made from top-grade raw materials sourced within the European Union. Our commitment is to provide effective, natural solutions to maintain and enhance the health of your pets, underpinned by our dedication to their safety and overall well-being.

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In addition to our products, we carefully select partners who align with our dedication to quality, sustainability, and pet wellness. We rigorously ensure that both their production processes and final products meet our high standards, maintaining a commitment to excellence across products we offer in our store.

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What Pawrents Said About Us

Pawrents and veterinarians around the globe have trusted Nutrified for years. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself why they love us.
The manufacturer of Nutrified ensures at every stage of production to minimize the impact on the environment. The sole ingredient, a mineral called zeolite, is extracted in the most nature-friendly manner possible. The production is under strict control and adheres to the highest standards. A major advantage is the very convenient, practical packaging that is recyclable. Additionally, if we have some zeolite left, it can be safely sprinkled on the grass, where it will enrich the soil. Nutrified can be wholeheartedly recommended to anyone for whom environmental care is important.

Barbara Marcinkowska
Animal Nutritionist
I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this line of products; they are certainly needed in our market. They will be tested by owners who are looking for natural products with a broad range of applications (preventing diarrhea, detoxifying the body, deacidifying, etc.). An advantage is the ease of administering the product – it can simply be added to wet food.

Dagmara Mieszkis-Święcikowska
Veterinary Professional
I love that one pack lasts us such a long time and always helps with irregularities.

Manuel P. Hays,
Dad Dog
Nutrified is a supplement worth having at home to support the health of your pet. The zeolite it contains has a positive impact on the digestive tract, and therefore on the entire organism of the animal. Zeolite positively affects the intestinal flora, aids digestion, and also strengthens the immune system. Nutrified can also be very helpful during diarrhea and food poisoning. Since the product has no taste or smell, it will be undetectable for the pet.

Barbara Marcinkowska
Animal Nutritionist

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